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Privacy policy

This website is owned and operated by INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO. We care deeply about your privacy on the Internet. INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO wants your interaction with us to be enjoyable and protected.

We do gather individual forms of statistics, data, and information that you should read about. We want you to fully understand the terms, conditions, and other stipulations as well as how we gather and use this information. This privacy policy discloses what information we collect and how we use it.

Here at INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO, we gather two kinds of information about visitors to our site: voluntary data and accumulated tracking data.

The data and information we collect is provided by visitors through elective, voluntary submissions. Examples of optional, voluntary submissions include: signing up for our email newsletters, taking part in our forums or electronic message boards, emailing a friend, and taking part in polls and user surveys.

INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO also collects information and data through comprehensive evaluating and tracking systems. Mostly, this information is collected by recording webpage visits throughout our web sites. We use this information, statistics, and other data to build website content that is important to our visitors. We also use it to help our sponsors and advertisers gain a greater understanding of our audience.

Much of INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO's income is derived from partnerships and advertising revenue, making the collection of comprehensive, demographic data crucial to our success. This collection of information also helps us to keep our online services and electronic newsletters free of charge.

Under no circumstances will INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO divulge any data about an individual user to a 3rd party.


As described in the Federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, or COPPA, we will never knowingly request personally identifiable data from anyone under the age of thirteen years old without requesting parental consent.

The following techniques are used by INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO to gather statistics, data, and information:


We supply the following services for free: email newsletters, "e-mail this to a friend," polling, and user surveys. Each requires some form of voluntary submission of personal and individual information by visitors:

1. Electronic newsletters or Notices - INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO collects the email addresses of visitors who voluntarily subscribe to our free electronic newsletters or "ezines". Each electronic newsletter format includes an opt-out method which lets visitors to remove themselves from the mailing listing as needed. Visitors can also sign up for the email newsletters initially upon registration.

2. "E-mail this to a friend" Service - Many webpages, links, and documents on INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO can be sent electronically to somebody else when users click "e-mail this to a friend" hyperlinks. Both the user's e-mail address along with the e-mail of the addressee must be provided by the user. This information and data is used for notifying the addressee of who sent the email as well as when transmission errors occur. We do not use this information and data for any other use.

3. Polling - When interactive polls appear on INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO, users are able to share their opinions and beliefs with other visitors and view those of other

users. We aggregate the results of these polls. The accumulated data is not identifiable to any other users. INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO often uses processes for tagging users after they have voted. This ensures that users can vote one time each per poll. Tags are not correlated with any other information about particular visitors.

4. Surveys - INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO periodically sends out surveys which enables us to build appropriate site content. The comprehensive demographic information is frequently shared with our advertisers and sponsors and partners. Specific and personal user information is never shared with any 3rd party.

USAGE Tracking
INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO tracks the traffic patterns of our users throughout each and every one of our websites. This information is not connected with specific visitors' data and information. INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO breaks down the overall usage information and statistics of our websites based on a user's web browser type, domain name, and MIME type. This info, which all Internet browsers contain, is fetched from the browser string.

INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO sometimes tracks and indexes the search terms that have been entered by users into our web site's Search function. We never correlate this information and data to particular visitors. This data is used for determining the

web pages of our websites that are used a great deal by visitors and for determining each webpage's performance. Tracking this data and information allows us to improve our offerings.


INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO may place a "cookie," which is a small text file, in your computer's browser files. INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO's cookie does not contain personal and individual information, statistics, or any other personal data. The only personal and individual data and information a cookie can contain is information that you have supplied yourself. We use this data and information to relate how your use of INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO relates to data and information that you have knowingly and specifically made available to us. Cookies cannot read data from your computer's disk drive nor can they read the contents of other cookie files on your computer.

INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO uses cookies to track and analyze user web browsing and traffic patterns. A one-time cookie is used for tracking click-thru rates and ad impressions. Visitors can refuse cookies by turning them off in the browser or configure the browser to warn the user before cookies are accepted. INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO does not require you to turn on cookies, however if you wish to interact with others in the forums, boards, surveys, or polling features, you will need to set your browser to accept cookies.


INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO uses any information about users voluntarily offered to supplement the overall user experience of our websites from providing personal or interactive features to preparing additional site content to better serve our users' needs.

Information voluntarily given to us by visitors is used for sending out email newsletters and enabling user participation in surveys and polls, messaging systems, and our community forums. E-newsletters are sent to our subscribing members regularly with special editions and notices delivered when we believe the topic is pertinent and of interest to our subscribed users. INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO will never reveal the information on our mailing lists with any 3rd parties, such as partners.

Tracking information and data is collected to assist us in evaluating how each page of our website performs. INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO does not track what individuals visitors read. This type of evaluating and tracking enables us to improve our offerings and tailor them to your needs. The search entries entered in the Search bar are another indicator of our users' interests. We do not track the terms used for searches that a particular user enters in the Search function.

INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO creates comprehensive usage reports detailing browsing and traffic patterns of our visitors for our advertisers and sponsors and partners. This makes our advertising and sponsors better able to meet the needs of our users. Usage patterns of specific visitors are not tracked and partners, sponsors, and advertisers do not know which users have viewed their ads.



INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO uses the previously mentioned information, statistics, and other data to make sure that our website is appropriate to your unique needs and for a better appreciation of our viewership’s makeup. The gathering of data is vital for keeping the INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO service free. INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO will not disclose any data and information about any particular user except to comply with applicable law, comply with a valid legal process, or to protect the personal safety of our visitors or the public.


INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO operates secure data networks protected by robust security systems such as password protection systems and firewalls. Only authorized individuals have access to user-provided information and data. Wesometimes revisit our privacy and security policies and supplement them as required.


Whenever possible, INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO prefers to give visitors options. Opting out options include:

  • Choosing not to register for e-newsletters.
  • Choosing not to participate in individual interactive areas. By opting out, gathering any personally identifiable information and data from our users is not necessary.


By using this website, you are consenting to the collection and use of this information and data by INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO. If INSURANCEDALLAS.INFO decides to change our Privacy Statement, we will post those changes right here on this web page.

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